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 Sunday Mass


We meet every Sunday.  Our doors open at 9:30 am and mass begins at 10:30 am.   We are located in the Sacred Space at First Christian Church in Olympia. (701 Franklin Street Southeast, Olympia, WA 98501). Parking is available on the streets around the Church, and also check out parking at the Library. Note that First Christian also holds its services at 10:30 am.  Note: We are meeting by Zoom video conferencing at this time.

Join us and experience a wonderful way of being Catholic! Celebrating God's wonderful diversity.  

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 Our Community



We share leadership for the celebration of our Eucharistic Liturgies, and have community participation in these liturgies.  Our priest-pastor is BishopKedda Keough. Community members participate in many ways in the liturgy.

After our Eucharistic Liturgy we like to hang around together and catch up with each other.

You can join our book group, which meets after mass every other week.


 Business Meetings


Community Meetings:  As for business, we like to take care of that on Sundays, too.  We usually meet right after celebrating liturgy on the third Sundays of the month.  Our leadership style is collaborative, as we believe in shared leadership.  All members may participate in the decision-making process, and in fact are encouraged to share their wisdom with each other.  For ECC having the full participation of lay members in decision making is essential.  See Quaker Decision-Making Process  This process is very good for those truly important decisions.

Pastoral Leadership Team: This small group of members look ahead and help prepare the agenda for our community meetings.

Administration:  We have a Treasurer and a Secretary, and a few of us take care of the little things that come up between meetings, and will consult with other members by email or phone when necessary.  


Feast Days.  To the best of our ability we celebrate all the major feast days of the Church.  It is best to check here to see what is coming up next.  

Retreats, etc.  We usually alternate our retreats with the National ECC Synod.  

The ECC Synod. October 13-15th, 2020 in St. Louis MO. Watch the Facebook page for latest news on the Synod.

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